Standing up for Ottawa–Vanier

Myriam Djilane is a Somali-Canadian born and raised in Ottawa-Vanier. Ever since she could vote, she championed the NDP within her social circles, driven neighbours to the polls and defended NDP policies to anyone who will listen.

Living a few years in Haiti, Ethiopia and Egypt has given her six languages and the ability to work with people from different cultures and socioeconomic circumstances, which can only help Ottawa-Vanier constituents feel they are being heard.

After social work and theatre studies, Myriam now works for Air Canada at the best airport in Canada - Ottawa of course!

Passionate about social justice, she believes in equitable access to social services and education, affordability of living, and, on a lighter note, hockey.

Myriam has proudly made Ottawa-Vanier her permanent home and wants to help make it an even better place for her neighbours.

Campaign Office:

Phone: (613) 680-8637

287 Montreal Rd

Ottawa, Ontario

K1L 6C2